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160 Ways Book.jpg

WTEB_160                     $10 ea

160 Ways to Empathize Book

Based on interviews with over 1000 patients, this book will give you 160 practical suggestions to infuse empathy into your organization, setting you apart from the competition.  A great gift for nurses day, hospital week or because you raised the bar as an organization!


VOLB_75                           $5 ea

75 Reasons We Love Our Volunteers Book

This little book is a wonderful tribute to the most visible department in the hospital who represent us every day!  A great gift for volunteers or a reminder for those that gently guide volunteers in serving patients with love!

Check List Book.jpg

HLCL_100                       $8 ea

The Hospital Leader Check List: 100 Characteristics of Top Leaders Book

Are you leading but few are following you? Determine your leadership quotient to see just how well you’re doing! Reflect on characteristics you’ve mastered, and where they may be some opportunity for improvement. Great gift for anyone who leads!

Appreciation Cards.jpg

AC_10                              $9/set

Appreciation Cards/Bookmarks

Show your staff you appreciate them with a little note that doubles as a bookmark. Use the backside to write your personal appreciation note. 10/pkg contains 5 of each card.


Volunteer Poster.jpg

VOLP                               $8 ea

Volunteer definition: Love Poster

This poster says it all when we define volunteer as love.  A must in the office of every DVS!

Dimensions:  13” X 19”

DCG Poster.jpg

DCP                                 $8 ea

Dear Caregivers Poster

Taken from The Patient Empathy Project when patients were asked, “do you have a message for those caring for you?”  This ‘backstage’ reminder to staff helps them to connect with each patient in a meaningful way.

Dimensions:  13” X 19”

STNT Poster.jpg

STNTP                            $8 ea

Say This - Not That Poster

Every little thing we say to patients either causes or alleviates fear.  This is a reminder to staff not to trust our own scripts because everything we say matters!

Dimensions:  13” X 19”

Love is a Patient.jpg

LAPP                               $8 ea

Love is a Patient Poster

Love is a word that is rarely spoken in healthcare.  But when it comes to casting out fear- care providers better bring it on!!!

Dimensions:  13” X 19”

DVDs: Pricing includes shipping.                    

CYM poster.jpg

CYMP                              $8 ea

Change Your Mind Poster

Empathy from staff is the change that is needed in healthcare for patients to embrace the experience and know you care!

Dimensions:  13” X 19”

Be nice or go home poster.jpg

BNGH                             $8 ea 

Be Nice or Go Home Poster

It’s simple but sends a clear message to staff to bring their best selves to work each day to care for patients that are scared and desperately need a ‘nice’ face to care for them!

Dimensions:  13” X 19”


DC-DVD                $49 ea

Dear Caregiver Video

This insightful 5 minute film tells the story that a 90 year old woman wants all caregivers to know. Chances are that every patient we care for has similar thoughts and feelings. Perfect for employee orientation, leadership days, or training.

Preview the video.

Exam DVD Cover.jpg

EXAM-DVD           $49 ea

The Exam Video

This 6 minute video is a look inside the mind of the patient just minutes prior to seeing the doctor for their annual exam. The silent terror that plays out on screen is very real, somewhat amusing, but always a life changer when it comes to the delivery of care. Shipping included.

Preview the video.



TWC-PC                    $195/hr

Talk with Colleen - Phone Coaching

Need a coach for advice or to answer your questions? Purchase an hour or
more to discuss topics, get your questions answered,  and receive
coaching advice over the phone with Colleen.

Pricing listed is the
hourly rate. $195/hour


  • Personalized coaching, over the phone, nursing, healthcare, leadership


NLPV                                $199 

Nurse Leader PRO-Vision Coaching

52 week online coaching program with Colleen. Aimed at Nurse Managers, they will receive:

  • 2-3 minutes video and an electronic print piece called a ‘Discovery’ themed around a targeted subject from Colleen in their in-box each Wednesday;

  • Nurse Leader PRO-Vision Exercise that is required to be completed within the week; and

  • access to Q&A phone calls hosted by Colleen to field any questions asked by email.

Learn more

Workshops and Programs

The Patient Empathy Workshop DVD Front.j

PEW-DVD                                   $1995/set

The Patient Empathy Workshop DVD Set

Who doesn't want to create an over-the-top experience for patients? Though we all do, the truth is that most organizations don't know where to begin.

In this easy-to-follow step-by-step process, Colleen gently guides you through a workshop that explains how to redesign critical touch points of the patient experience through their eyes!

Included are two carefully developed empathy-workshop tools designed to be used by your entire team - the tools necessary to create the buy-in and enthusiasm of an infectiously empathetic organization.

DVD set includes:

  • 2 instructional DVDs (90 minutes)

  • 10 narrated modules

  • 2 downloadable tools

MAP Guide and Documents Front Cover 2014

MAP                                                        $995

Medical Apprentice Program

A life changing program designed for high school students with an interest in a health career. You will find everything you need to customize, promote, organize, establish, and manage a hospital based teaching program for teens in this kit!

MAP Kit Includes:

  • A step-by step instructional booklet

  • A flash drive and CD with all required documents

  • 3 iron-on patches for staff

  • Contact information for program assistance

Learn more...

Posting of materials contained in this package to the internet is prohibited.

DCG Facilitator's Guide Cover.jpg

DC-DVDFG                                     $99/set

Dear Caregiver DVD and Facilitator Guide

Perfect for new employee hospital orientation, this film tells the story that a 90 year old woman wants all caregivers to know.


Facilitator’s guide included.

Price includes shipping.

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