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What Our Clients Are Saying


"Thank you so very much for your great input into our first Patient Experience conference, it was great! We are now working on summarizing the feedback of the participants, who loved it!  We are looking forward to continuing the Patient Experience Movement in Russia and making patient experience education more accessible to Russian health care specialists. Thank you for your continued partnership."

Dinara Zakharova
Project Manager
Advanced Medical Technology Education Center

Memorial Healthcare System - Florida.png

"Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise and passion with our attendees at Memorial's 10th Annual PFCC Symposium - Decades of Caring! 

Your presentation was immensely captivating and insightful, and very meaningful to our participants in gaining a better understanding of PFCC in their daily roles and interactions with patients and families. Your thought provoking stories and experiences provide a deeper appreciation for our patients' emotional vulnerabilities. Many participants shared how much they appreciated you being with us at the symposium!

Thank you once again for sharing your story and your expertise with us.

On behalf of the entire Planning Team!"

- Sergio Buth, M.S.

Director, Patient- and Family-Centered Care 

Memorial Healthcare System


“What a magnificent experience it was to have Colleen speak at our Volunteer Holiday Breakfast!  Volunteers shared it was the best speaker they ever heard as they felt the work they do truly does makes a difference.  The compassion that is shown by Colleen while presenting is felt by all who attend.  Thanks for sharing your love of nursing to others who work in the healthcare environment.” 

- Beth Daddario, CAVS

Director Volunteers, Retail, and Guest Services

Inspira Medical Centers Vineland and Elmer,

Health Center Bridgeton

AMTEC Kazan logo1.jpg

Colleen had the privilege of being invited to Kazan, Russia to be the keynote presenter at their 5th International Conference 2018: WORLD-CLASS QUALITY STANDARDS - from ideas to practice.  Colleen was joined by other U.S. leading healthcare enterprises including Mayo Clinic, Stanford Health Care, and Cleveland Clinic.

To best describe Colleen’s impact on the conference attendees, here was some feedback from Dinara Zakharova, their conference organizer,  

“I've recently heard from one of AMTEC KAZAN faculty members who attended the conference, and she told that after the conference, as an experiment, she started asking the patients about their fears, and this is amazing! She was so excited as the patient's attitude had drastically changed!  They are listening!”

- Dinara Zakharova, Conference Organizer


“Our staff had nothing but accolades for Colleen and they want her to come back “again and again and again!” On behalf of ALL nurses and participants at our first annual “Raising the Bar” conference, THANK YOU! Colleen surpassed my expectations and conference objectives.”


- Laura M. Hernandez, DNP,  ARNP, CPN, FNP-C,

Clinical Education and Evidence Based Practice Supervisor, Nursing Department

Miami Children's Hospital

"Thank you for this innovative idea to recharge all of us, especially for the nurse at the bedside."

"We are beyond grateful to have Colleen speak to our frontline employees, directors and senior leadership team. Thank you for helping us as we work to transform our organization and improve the culture and patient experience at Wayne HealthCare!"


- Terri Flood, MHA Director of Marketing and Communications,

Wayne HealthCare

"The energy and enthusiasm that Colleen engenders about the patient experience is palpable. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but dynamic and passionate in her message. She truly engages the audience.”

​- Jack Greene MD, Regional Vice President, Medical Affairs/CMO

Hartford HealthCare

"In a few short hours, Colleen gave us simple insights that will immediately improve our approach to the patient experience.  We are delighted to be bringing her back to spend dedicated time with our physician and nursing staff.  She is an absolute pleasure to listen to and work with."

- Stuart K Markowitz MD FACR, President, Hartford Hospital, Senior Vice President, Hartford Healthcare

"Such a great speaker"

"Wonderful, thank you!"


"Very enjoyable presentation."

"Colleen was fabulous."

"This would be so great for all staff to hear."

"Great Speaker! Very educational and entertaining."

"This is like the third time I have heard Colleen speak and every time I am wowed and I change my nursing practice because of what she says.  I am super focused on the patient now and not on my needs but the needs of that patient and the possible fears of that patient.  She blows me away every time."

- Theresa Lemmel RN, BSN, CCRN, Nurse Manager Critical Care, MPM

Dunedin Hospital

"This is the best talk I have attended in years. Genuinely going to reassess and make changes in my practice, THANK YOU!!!"

  • This lectures just what our nurses need to boost their spirits to perform excellent care of our patients. Thank you very much!

  • Excellent speaker-uplifting day- reminds me why I am still a nurse.

  • Colleen is an awesome speaker, funny, entertaining and informative.

  • Very good!!! Thank you for this opportunity. Excellent presenter!

  • This was awesome, thank you for such a wonderful speaker and great capstone for celebrating nurse’s week.

  • The speaker was very engaging. I really like the way she spoke out into the crowd including individuals in the audience.

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