Several years ago, I was honored to be part of a team that created a program that was a win-win for our community and our hospital. As the Director of Volunteer Services, I was able to spearhead a program that engaged the bright, young people of our community in our junior volunteer program.

The key to getting these talented high school students involved in our hospital was the creation of a program that allowed them to learn about different aspects of working in a hospital. Through this medical “apprentice” program, we attracted the best and the brightest medically-minded students.

An unexpected benefit of this program was that it turned out to be quite profitable.

Over the years, I’ve been asked to help other hospitals implement such a program. After years of development, I am pleased to present the Medical Apprentice Program (MAP)MAP-ING THE FUTURE IN HEALTHCARE!

This “doc in a box” program will make it easy for you to implement a powerful program for young people “right out of the box.” You get all the materials you'll need - materials that have been proven to bring great success for others just like you.

This program offers unique opportunities for high school students who are interested in learning about a profession in healthcare. While you're helping them you can create a new revenue stream for your organization.

The Medical Apprentice Program (MAP) enables you to easily offer a program that attracts 15-18 year old high school students to health careers by giving them the opportunity to see and learn about health care operations up-close and in person.

MAP produces a pool of prepared and conscientious young volunteers who want to assist.

Another benefit for your organization is the positive media coverage you'll gain in your local community by having this program.

MAP fills a need for both your organization and for the students while making your community excited about the opportunities you are opening for high school students.

Some of the benefits of MAP include:

  •  It is an unforgettable experience for teens with an interest in health careers.

  •  It allows students to make an educated decision before majoring in a health-related field.

  •  They get to see up-front and personal what being a medical professional is all about.

  •  It sensitizes students to the softer side of healthcare and teaches them how to cultivate caring, empathetic attitudes. You know the importance of this and nothing takes the place of being there! This can’t be learned by reading a book. It is about hands-on personal experiences.

  •  MAP also gives employees in your organization a chance to shine and to voice the advantages of their particular specialty. Your employees gain a great sense of worth by sharing with exceptional high school students who could be future healthcare professionals.

  •  MAP helps create a positive buzz throughout your community for both you and your organization.

  •  MAP shines a spotlight on your volunteer department showing the value you create for the entire organization.

  •  And, last but not least, the MAP contributes to your organization’s bottom line by creating a revenue stream for volunteer services.

MAP produces a pool of prepared and conscientious young volunteers who will serve well for years to come. What a great benefit for both your organization and the lives and careers of outstanding high school students in your community. This is why we call it, “MAP-ING YOUR FUTURE IN HEALTHCARE!”

An additional benefit of MAP is that it attracts students to healthcare and makes them consider returning to your organization after graduation, where they’ll be valuable assets to your care teams.

You might wonder how you can implement such a program.

We make it easy for you to implement with step-by-step instructions for everything from logo to logistics. The work is done for you and all you have to do is follow the easy instructions to implement this break-through program. You follow the instructions and you gain the benefits of our carefully planned Medical Apprentice Program (MAP).

For more information you can click on this link MAP FAQs or call Steve at 574-286-0141or Karrie at 574-250-9505 to assist you.

This break-through program is now available for you and your organization. We've worked hard to make it affordable, easy-to-implement and profitable for you. Click on the link to get what you need and get started right away.

If you have further questions, give us a call or drop us an email so we can help you. Contact Us!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping many eager students to begin MAP-ing their FUTURE IN HEALTHCARE!

To your success!


Colleen Sweeney, RN, BS
Founder/Owner of Sweeney Healthcare Enterrpises

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