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Answers to our frequently asked questions!

Q. Can I run this program if there are only 1 or 2 employees in the department?

A. YES!  Enlist some of your college-aged volunteers as counselors and/or interns to help in the office and during the week.  It's great practical project management experience for them! All of the documents are done for you.  All you need to do is customize your organization's information to the documents provided and you are ready to go!  A majority of your time will be spent coordinating the presenters and gathering supplies. After your first session is complete, you can invite MAP graduates to help you in future programs.

Q. How can I convince Administration to approve the cost?

A. Depending on the price you set and the number of students you enroll, your return on investment could be covered the first week you run the program- and then some!  The second week you run the program, you'll see a much bigger profit margin!  I would like to meet the hospital administrator who would turn away a profitable venture, a chance for media coverage and an opportunity to different themselves from the competition.

Q. What will my organization’s ROI be?

A. The return on investment will vary according to several factors. The number of students enrolled in each session and the tuition fee will affect your profitability. We suggest that you do a little research to see what other ‘educational or specialty programs for teens’ are charging in your area to get an idea of what the market will bear. The allowable class size is dependent on the teaching or lecture space is available. You may experiment with your first few sessions to see what is optimal for you. (You may want to start with a dozen or so students until you feel comfortable with the format, then in future sessions, take on as many as twice that.) We can also help you to determine the tuition that is right for you but found that parents and students with an interest in medicine are willing to pay top dollar for a program that will lead to their success. It is fair to say that you will re-coop the cost of MAP in your first week out!

Q. What if there are students with a sincere interest but not able to afford the program?

A.You can always offer ‘scholarships’. Create an application process that designates who would qualify for a ‘scholarship’. Ask students for 2 teacher recommendations from their current high school class as well as an essay written by the student on why they would like to attend the program. Determine how many scholarship students you will take per session. A ‘scholarship’ would simply mean the tuition has been waived.

Q. Can we use the logo as if it were our own?

A. YES!!  You may use the MAP logo to promote the program for your benefit! Use the design either alone or in conjunction with your hospital logo to create patches, pens, mugs or other gifts for students, counselors or presenters.
Q. I'm not that familiar with Excel, Mail Merge, or other Office functions.  Will you help me?

A. Of course!  Many of the documents utilize Mail Merge to simplify the input of information. If you are not familiar with Excel, the spreadsheets are simple, without functions.  We would be happy to walk you through the process on any Office function!

Q. How much will we receive with the purchase of MAP?

A. You will receive the MAP Guide and Documents book; 1 DVD and USB with the complete book and ALL of the documents required for you to run the program.  These are fully customizable documents that can be easily edited to be your own and made ready for distribution.  You will also receive 3 iron on MAP patches that can be worn by leaders in the program.  Best of all, you will receive our support to help you run the program.  We are just call or email away. You will also be in an exclusive group, MAP Forum, on Facebook where you can ask questions; get answers from other users and Sweeney Healthcare staff; and post pictures in this private group to show off your MAP program. 

Q. How do I get students to sign up for MAP?

A. The first time you start the program, go to your local school corporations and individual schools to send information.  Search online to find out who the science teachers and counselors are and email them the Educator Letter, asking them to pass on the information to interested students.  You may also choose to mail them a hard copy, depending on the amount of time between sending the letters and the beginning of the program.  Utilize your organizations internal and external newsletter to promote MAP as well.

Q. Are there startup costs to be considered?

A. There are supplies that you will either purchase or procure at the onset of the program such as scalpels, scissors, safety goggles, and cafeteria trays for dissection and other reusable items. We suggest that you become creative in securing the items. Ask the OR or central supply if there are any outdated or less than perfect instruments that you can have for use in the program. Ask nutritional services to start to put aside cafeteria trays that may be damaged or chipped in some way. Once you have the necessary items, they can be used over and over again.

Q. Can we adapt the program for ourselves?

A. YES!! The MAP kit contains everything you need to start the program.  However, you may decide to have different presenters and topics.  The choice is yours!  Make it YOUR program!

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