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How to Deliver ALWAYS. Every Time.

3 suggestions that may help bring consistency to the Patient Care Experience.

  1. Have your staff video tape (with staff members as actors) what the first and last 3 seconds of the ideal patient experience in your department must look like. Make a promise to the patient that you will deliver that same experience every time, holding each other to the phrases and behaviors that are agreed upon to be ideal. Have every new hire view the video (twice).

  2. Commit as a department to 3 elements that will be delivered to every patient.

  3. Greet the patient with a smile.

  4. Introduce yourself by name and title.

  5. Look the patient in the eye, making a mental note of their eye color, causing you to connect emotionally.

  6. Explain everything! Even the simplest of tests, procedures or processes are confusing and frightening to the patient.

Patients, and the people who love them, should not wonder how they will be received or treated each time they enter our facility or department. For the sake of those we serve, we need to ALWAYS make good on the new brand promise!

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